“A New Leaf”

Greetings folks! Seems like just yesterday I was flipping the calendar and concluding my Game of the Year coverage. Time flies. Nevertheless, 2017 is in full swing and we’ve got some exciting updates and announcements to get into today. That said, before we uncover some of the projects you can expect to see on the site in the coming months, I want to lend a sincere thank you to everyone who read, watched, and listened to my work last year.

2016 was a year marked by the exploration of my content. It was about throwing new ideas at the wall and waiting to see what stuck. Within the span of those 12 months, a lot changed, shifted around, and evolved. From launching a weekly podcast to wrapping two seasons of my original web-series, 2016 kept me busy. I want 2017 to be the year of expansion. Expansion that broadens the applications of my content, while focusing in on what makes it work. Filled with a renewed sense of invigoration to create and branch out, I’m thrilled to unveil a new project I’ve been working on behind the scenes for some time now…Talking, analyzing, and critiquing the video gaming medium has been the highlight of my creative energies in recent years. I’ve absolutely treasured the time I’ve spent tossing in my own two cents on the gaming industry. Although in spite of finding cathartic fulfillment and a sense of pride for the content I’ve produced over the last few years, there’s a growing feeling inside me to expand and stretch my imaginative commentary. I’ve become comfortable with the nature of my work and that needs to change. There’s a deep yearning in my mind to produce content that I’m both proud of and simultaneously nervous to put out. After many long nights of brainstorming and failed behind closed doors experiments, I’ve landed on the next step in my path of content creation. Premiering later this year, my newest projects are video essays: stylized thesis pieces that will focus on the all-encompassing umbrella of culture.

Going into effect immediately, Braxton Haugen – Video Games – Shows, Podcasts, & Discussion, is undergoing a title change to Braxton Haugen – Video Games & Culture – Shows, Podcasts, Video Essays, & Discussion. This tagline adjustment represents my dedication to evolving the scope of the kind of material you can expect to see live on this site. It should be noted that my opinions, commentary, and analysis on games will remain at the forefront of my priorities. Incorporating video essays into the lineup of my projects is simply a tool for me to expound upon my views regarding topics that have little or nothing to do with gaming. Adopting “culture” into the site will allow me the freedom to explore issues and ideas my content hasn’t been able to tackle until now, with the newly announced video essays. Whether the conversation is about music, politics, social media, or even my own creative writings, I’m absolutely ecstatic to share with you what this new phase of content will bring with it.When it comes to acting upon my new mission for the site, one of my utmost priorities is making sure the content you know and love stays right where it is. That means BS W/ Braxton will be continuing full speed ahead and The Whittle-as teased in early January-will be returning for a third season later this year. The third season of The Whittle is going to look much different from prior seasons. While still in the stages of preproduction, the show will be growing substantially in regards to its size and scope. Longer episodes. More production resources.

As always, The Whittle will be focusing on offering viewers topical and fair commentary regarding the gaming industry and all it encapsulates. As we progress into the year, you’ll certainly be hearing more about The Whittle as we near its return, including trailers, production updates, and more. I’m excited, motivated, and optimistic about the opportunities that lie within the calendar year. Between continuing endeavors that have already proven successful for the site and expanding outside of the realm of video games, 2017 is going to an interesting and experimental time for my work. As we test the waters with new martial, I hope you’ll be willing to join me on my latest adventure with an open mind.

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