Greetings and salutations, friends! I hope this post finds you well. As I put these words down this morning, coffee in hand, I find myself filled with a great deal of excitement for what the coming months hold. September was a busy time for me. Between moving into the new studio, turning out some of the best-received episodes of BS W/ Braxton yet, and publishing multiple videos to my YouTube channel, September came and went in a flash. Turning the calendar, another busy month full of new projects awaits. Instead of doing a little bit of everything as I have in recent weeks, October will focus its attention predominately on two pieces of content: The Whittle and BS W/ Braxton.

The Whittle is coming to an end. After a solid run of episodes this season, my flagship web series is entering its last stage. With two episodes left and a special bonus episode in the works, we’ve still got some time before the official wrap up. As I put together the final preparations I’m overcome with sentimental feelings about the series. Were it not for The Whittle, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Creating the show is what brought me to YouTube. It’s safe to say that without The Whittle, video essays and braxton haugen, MISC. wouldn’t exist, so as I shift my attention to those projects, I wanted to leave The Whittle on a high note. I felt if I were to renew the series for another run in 2018, or even drag out this season to meet the initially planned upon 10 episodes, I’d be sacrificing the quality of the show. It’s not that I’ve lost my love of creating the show, quite the opposite; it’s simply that other projects have slowly begun to take precedence in my mind. For being a one-man show, producing the amount of content I want to is unrealistic. For instance, video essays were meant to be published monthly and they’ve been on hiatus since summer in order to make time for braxton haugen, MISC. and The Whittle.

My decision to bring The Whittle to a close is a result of my lack of time to create, and my drive to involve myself in new projects that challenge me. With braxton haugen, MISC. becoming a bigger focus and getting back to monthly video essays at the top of my to-do list, I need the extra time to ensure the quality of my videos are constantly improving. While I’ll be sad to see it go, retiring The Whittle is the best way for me to take the next step forward in my journey.

Despite The Whittle ending, fear not, I’m not leaving video games behind. When looking at my history as a creator, all roads point back to my love of gaming and I remain committed in my efforts to celebrate and critique the medium when possible. I care a great deal about the games industry and have no plans to step away anytime soon. Alongside my slate of video projects, BS W/ Braxton shall stay a tentpole aspect of my content. Moving forward, continuing to provide listeners with a deep dive into notable news stories, as well as my latest thoughts on the biggest new releases, BS W/ Braxton will become the definitive place to find my views on everything gaming. With the goal to put out new episodes each week, the podcast will cover a variety of topics within the world of video games. As the show grows I’m excited to see where it will take us.

I’ve never been afraid of change. In fact, I look forward to it. Heading into October and looking towards the rest of the fall, there’s no doubt change is in the air. The work that lies ahead will be hard, but I’m excited about the challenge. Over the next few weeks, my efforts will be dedicated to giving The Whittle the ending it deserves, as well as getting out new episodes of BS W/ Braxton. By focusing on only a couple of projects during October, I’m putting myself in a position to finish what I’ve started. When the credits roll, I can assure you what’s waiting on the other side will be well worth the wait.

I appreciate the continued support,

– Braxton