E3 2016: Every Briefing Impression In One Place

“The Breakdown”

E3 2016 has consumed BraxtonHaugen.com and I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. The week is only getting started and the big conferences are beginning to kickoff. To keep things in a somewhat orderly fashion, this post will act as your one-stop shop for my thoughts regarding each and every major press conference this E3. Make sure to check back daily, for provisional and final revisions for each respective briefing. Happy E3 2016! 

EA’s Briefing Impressions

E3 2016 EA's Briefing Impressions (Braxton Haugen)

Bethesda’s Briefing Impressions

E3 2016 Bethesda's Briefing Impressions (Braxton Haugen)

Microsoft’s Briefing Impressions

E3 2016 Microsoft's Briefing Impressions (Braxton Haugen)

Ubisoft’s Briefing Impressions

E3 2016 Ubisoft's Briefing Impressions (Braxton Haugen)

Sony’s Briefing Impressions

E3 2016 Sony's Briefing Impressions (Braxton Haugen)

Nintendo’s Briefing Impressions

E3 2016 Nintendo's Briefing Impressions (Braxton Haugen)To keep up with my thoughts on all things E3 2016 as they go down live, connect with me on Twitter @BraxHaugen.

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