“Work Hard, Play Hard”

No game made me laugh harder this year than Owlchemy Labs’ goofy and surprisingly robust virtual reality title, Job Simulator. Coated in an inviting, cartoonish, visual style and ripe with corny humor that’s silly enough to make just about anyone laugh, Job Simulator is a wonderful, if not admittedly simple way to lose yourself in VR. The premise is straightforward, set in the year 2050. Job Simulator places you in the simulated role of a worker in a world where robots have taken over all human jobs. Organized into a collection of stages, Job Simulator comes equipped with four unique jobs for the player to undertake. Step behind the counter of a convenience store, open up the hood of a car at a mechanic shop, pop open a bottle of wine and get cooking as a gourmet chef, and partake in the shenanigans of a classic office worker.Beyond its humorous setup, Job Simulator’s key strength is its clever and fine-tuned use of virtual reality. In a year where VR has hit the ground running, we’ve had the joy of seeing a slew of great titles smartly incorporate virtual reality into their DNA. A couple of these projects were impressive, but narrowly missed making my list. What puts Job Simulator above its competition is how it establishes a sense of place and constantly strives to lend the player new, engaging tasks that keep the game feeling fresh and interesting through all stages. As I worked through various levels over the course of a few hours, it wasn’t rare to find myself losing track of time. Thanks to a minimal, yet attractive art style and limited room of movement, Job Simulator never induced motion sickness. This allowed for a comfortable and stress-free virtual reality experience that consistently had me grinning and chuckling to myself. It’s not a revolutionary game or probably even one we’ll be talking about years from now, but as it currently stands, Job Simulator is one of the most enjoyable, original, and cleverly designed games the platform of virtual reality has to offer.

Excerpt from podcast (BS W/ Braxton Ep. 02):

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