“A World Worth Fighting For”

Overwatch is undoubtedly one of the best shooters to ever grace the multiplayer space. Blizzard Entertainment’s first new IP in over 17 years, offers an incredibly ambitious and masterfully balanced experience that manages to feel fresh and engaging every time you pick it up. Beneath Overwatch’s inviting cartoonish aesthetic and hectic battles, lies a staggeringly deep and robust multiplayer experience seeping with design nuances that cleverly entice players to return. Blizzard Entertainment’s latest project smartly favors simple presentation, complementing its easy to grasp appearance with an abundance of tactical strategy, immaculate mechanics, and spectacular combat scenarios that ensure Overwatch never grows dull. For its many astute accomplishments, Overwatch’s most significant success is constructed upon its diverse cast of characters. The roster of unique heroes–which are playable right out of the gate–create a plentiful volume of decisions to make as soon as you enter a match. Once in the heat of battle, Overwatch illustrates a fine-tuned balance and an emphasis on using your brain in meaningful ways to outsmart the opposition. Hiding under the clean and concise presentation, is a striking shooter with an unrelenting array of standout moments.Ripe with intoxicating personality, Overwatch is strengthened by its distinct diversity. Extending beyond simply looks, Overwatch’s cast function completely different from one another, often times feeling like a swath of smaller shooters comprised in one, all-encompassing package. With so many options on the table to pick from in terms of heroes, it can be easy to forget playing the objective and choosing a character which best complements the task at hand. An attacking team without at least one healer or tank hero is going to be hard-pressed to find swift victory. On the other hand, a team of defenders will be fighting an uphill battle if no one opts to embody a member of the defensive class. With that said, there isn’t a definitive winning formula in terms of a team’s lineup, no single combination of tanks, attackers, or supports is going to guarantee victory. Granted, balance is a crucial aspect in improving odds of success, but Overwatch’s gameplay is dependent on a multitude of other factors beyond crafting the perfect team. Embracing an overwhelming compilation of different playstyles, Overwatch finds a way to stake its claim as not only one of 2016’s best games, but one of the strongest shooters in years.

Excerpt from review (9/10):

“For as many praiseworthy adjectives I can crown upon Overwatch’s myriad of strengths, most all lead to the same simple conclusion; Overwatch is an absolute whirlwind of over-the-top enjoyment. It’s not everyday a multiplayer-centric title of this caliber comes along, emitting such dedication to various motivations. With the exception of the somewhat disappointing progression system and presumptuous inclusion of microtransactions, there’s very little about Overwatch that doesn’t feel completely realized. The variety of combat and diversity of heroes keeps the gameplay feeling fresh, match after match, fortifying the core vision driving the entire venture. Due to the focused nature of Blizzard’s goals, Overwatch never once feels like it’s trying to expand into something that it isn’t. This might bring up the notion that Overwatch isn’t ambitious, or full enough on content, yet that’s not quite the point. It’s a game that leans on exceptional execution to prove you don’t need loads of maps and modes to retain longevity. With this, Overwatch achieves a level of purity, and in knowing exactly what it is, puts its foot down on being anything more or less than an outstanding shooter.”

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