Game of the Year 2016: #5 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Game of the Year 2016: #5 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

“Mechanical Magnificence”

Akin to the sequels already included in my lineup for the year’s best games, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided marks a sequel done right. Bigger, bolder, and more conceptually realized than its superb predecessor, Mankind Divided excels in telling the tale of a world in shock following the catastrophic aftermath of Human Revolution’s augmented attacks. Once again, players assume the role of Adam Jensen, a hardened detective outfitted with augmentations and a drive to deliver justice. Thanks to being rooted in a believable, cleverly orchestrated fiction, Mankind Divided is able to touch on sensitive, poignant material with narrative nuance and a knack for societal allegory. Match these elements with the excellent gameplay, fantastic level design, and distinct, striking aesthetic, and you’ve got yourself one of the year’s best role-playing games.Eidos Montreal’s attention to detail within Mankind Divided’s rich and fascinating world is consistently flooring. The overall design of the game’s various environments hastily surpasses the highs of its predecessor, employing captivating missions to undertake and riveting narrative stones to uncover. Mankind Divided’s story is focused, meticulously paced, and cleverly written. There’s a superb cohesion to the way the world responds and adapts to the twists and turns of the narrative. The entire experience feels expertly malleable, both in a storytelling and gameplay capacity. Mankind Divided works with the actions and decisions players make to shape the game around individuals, creating a compelling campaign that pulsates with a refreshing, inescapable sense of ownership. This dynamic lends tangible responsibility to the player, forcing them to take a hard look at the decisions they’re making. It’s a brilliant, subtle touch that confidently backs up its potential with realistic assertiveness; assertiveness that is applicable to nearly every facet of Mankind Divided’s phenomenal design.

Excerpt from review (9/10):

“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an excellent exercise in refinement. Proudly running with its predecessor’s torch, Eidos Montreal builds off of the highs established by Human Revolution five years ago. Save for a few notable rough patches throughout, Mankind Divided captivates with its meticulous design from start to finish. Whether it be the stories gleaned from its maturely crafted world, or the invigorating gameplay home to ample variety, Mankind Divided is chock-full of nuance and gratification that consistently impresses. Supporting a wide range of playstyles backed up with the tools to make them feel rewarding, Deus Ex conducts itself with an admirable open-mindedness and motive to follow-through. Rarely did Mankind Divided feel as if it had overlooked something, constantly prioritizing an astute attention to detail that lent its starkly portrayed world a believability that had me enraptured from the opening cinematic. Carefully crafted writing, presentation, and mechanical modeling, raise Mankind Divided to the same highs as its superb predecessor, a feat that shall not be taken lightly.”

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