Ready For Titanfall

As far as video game sequels go, Titanfall 2 acts as a spectacular exercise in learning from its predecessor. Maintaining the tenants that made the original Titanfall such a spectacle back in 2014, developer Respawn Entertainment’s follow up to the once platform exclusive online shooter, soars above its promising roots, standing as one of the year’s brightest shooters. Unlike its debut title, Titanfall 2 comes fully fit with a robust single-player campaign, alongside a predictably excellent multiplayer suite. In a year of great shooters, Titanfall 2 holds an edge in its mechanical proficiency. From a gameplay perspective, Titanfall 2 controls like a dream, incorporating wonderful level design and constantly fresh mechanics that cleverly keep the player on their toes. Apparent in both the campaign and multiplayer sections, Titanfall 2 never struggles to communicate its astute eye for shooter design. Its short, but tightly woven single-player excels in establishing compelling objectives, masterfully resisting the urge to drag its feet when it comes to presenting new ideas and set pieces. This brisk pace matched with Titanfall 2’s respectable drive to always give the player something interesting to push forward toward, illustrate the campaign’s deep and educated vision of gameplay. The core story may lack the sensibilities to hit on anything meaningful, but what the campaign lacks in narrative substance, it most certainly makes up for in the gameplay department. The same smooth, refined controls that elevate the excellent campaign, transition seamlessly into Titanfall 2’s fantastic multiplayer. Building off the components that made the original game great, the sequel refrains from reinventing the wheel, but isn’t afraid to spice things up. Once again, Titanfall’s multiplayer is a hectic, layered, and mechanically complexed amalgamation of movement and combat, resulting in some of the most memorable moments a shooter has provided in years. Titanfall 2 is a breath of fresh air for the genre, both in its smart campaign and challenging multiplayer. Addressing the critiques cast at its predecessor with clever, confident, and thoughtful design refinements, Titanfall 2’s end result is a manifestation of what all video game sequels should aspire to accomplish.

Excerpt from podcast (BS W/ Braxton Ep. 04):

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