“Instruments of Death

It’s no secret that war is a go-to setting for video games. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve repelled from a helicopter in the Middle East, stormed the beach of Normandy, and breached Nazi strongholds. This blatant oversaturation of subject material gives all the more reason to praise EA DICE’s efforts with Battlefield 1, a wartime shooter that feels fresh and exciting in the midsts of occasionally redundant and uninspired contemporaries. Taking the acclaimed series back in time to the gruesome and costly first World War, Battlefield 1 shows players that it’s not afraid of taking a chance. It’s a polished experience that crafts itself upon the thesis of taking a step back, effectively expressing that the transition to the early 19th-century setting was a necessary departure in order to push the needle forward. Battlefield 1 will be remembered for many accomplishments, from its stellar multiplayer, to the surprising campaign. But, what it will ultimately be ingrained in our memory for, is the admirable risk of reinvention it was bold enough to take for the series.In addition to a robust multiplayer suite, Battlefield 1 unexpectedly brings with it the strongest single-player campaign the series has seen in years. Divided into serval self-contained narrative vignettes, Battlefield’s campaign places an importance on the people of war. There are still grand set pieces rich in action, yet they’re accompanied by nuanced and well-written characters that bring an emotional weight to the brutality that surrounds them. Even more excellent, is the title’s manic and often times awe-inspiring multiplayer. While lacking the emotional levity of its narrative counterpart, Battlefield 1’s multiplayer still shines bright. Acting as the staple of the series for years, Battlefield’s multiplayer formula is back and better than ever. Thanks to the refreshing and uncharted change in setting, DICE’s latest endeavor stands out from its more recent predecessors in a multitude of different facets. Mechanically and presentationally, Battlefield 1 can feel likes it’s truly breaking new ground, exploring a historically rich time period the medium of games has been reluctant to venture into. Battlefield 1 strikes a fantastic balance between its campaign and multiplayer components, showing an admirable level of dedication to crafting a complete, cohesive package that, unfortunately, is not always found in more online-focused shooters. 

Excerpt from podcast (BS W/ Braxton Ep. 03):

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