“Adventure Awaits”

Greetings friends! Hope you’re all doing well. With the insanity of E3 2017 behind us and summer in full effect, I want to take some time to lay out what the future of my role as an up-and-coming creator will look like over the next few months. The next step in the process of growing the scope of my content and building an original brand, just so happens to begin with a break; a leave of absence if you will. I’m topping off a packed spring of working and school by hopping on a plane and heading to the UK for a couple weeks.

Spending time traveling throughout Europe has always been a dream of mine. Tomorrow, that dream becomes a reality. In addition to simply enjoying sights, meeting new people, and checking off one of the biggest items on my bucket-list, I’ll also be filming a project that will eventually manifest into the first entry of my new YouTube series premiering later this summer. This UK trip represents much more than just stepping on a plane for some R&R. It’s an exciting opportunity to see and experience a part of the world I’ve always wanted to visit, while concurrently creating something new I’ve always wanted to make.The UK trip is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my plans for creating content this summer. One of the biggest incoming changes is a complete website redesign, fitted with a new look and browsing experience. The current theme has served me well for the last three years, but it’s time for an update. Beyond basic visual enhancements and design refinements, the chief reasoning for redesigning the look of my site is to focus the messaging. The way the site operates now is great for returning viewers and for showcasing my latest work, but it fails to properly define me and the variety of projects I’ve worked on. The content will always speak for itself, however, it’s important for new visitors to acquaint themselves with me. I want newcomers to realize the diverse collection of content rather than the most recent project that’s been keeping me busy. As I move closer to launching the new site, I’ll have more to share. Stay tuned.

Undoubtedly, the biggest category shift in terms of the content I produce is my upcoming video series, braxton haugen, MISC. Premiering later this summer, braxton haugen, MISC. is set to be an unscheduled variety series focusing on my life and events therein. The first installment in the new series will be filmed in London, Scotland, and surrounding locations, so expect a big opening to what hopefully will be a long-running component of my internet presence. Once home from the UK in early July, look for a full return of the content that’s going on quick hiatus while I’m away, including BS W/ Braxton and video essays. Exciting times are ahead!In addition to the forthcoming website redesign and premiere of braxton haugen, MISC., my current slate of content isn’t changing. Expect monthly episodes of The Whittle’s third season, brand-new video essays starting up again in July, and the occasional written features. In my last update post, earlier this February, I expressed my excitement, motivation, and optimism about what  opportunities lie within the calendar year.

Now, nearly six months later, my hope for the direction of my work is more powerful than ever. Whether that be my commentary on video games and culture, or my new projects that step out of the box of anything I’ve made before, it’s clear to me the future is bright. In the meantime, I’ll continue writing, creating videos, producing podcasts, and chasing my dreams. I hope you’ll join me for the adventure, and that together, we can build something special.

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