While working through this transitional period—launching braxton haugen, MISC. and redesigning my website—a priority of mine was to streamline the written content I put up on my site. My role as a creator at the moment is largely dominated by the production of videos, podcasts, and other behind the scenes projects that fail to embrace the written word on its own.

Coming from a background of writing, when entering this new era of content creation I knew I wanted to maintain a platform to share my thoughts about life, upcoming projects, and beyond, through the medium of writing. So what’s the move? I knew I didn’t want to lose sight of penning standalone written work, even as increasingly more of my focus has been spent working in other mediums. Naturally, I got to brainstorming.

I’m pleased to announce that from this day forward, Medium will be the home of my written work. Partnering with a platform already populated with active and engaged readers made perfect sense. My latest pieces will be available to read on both my website, as well as Medium itself. Wherever perusing is most convenient for you, my writing will be there waiting. Looking into the future, I’m optimistic that sharing my voice through Medium will lead to connecting with readers otherwise unreachable.

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