After years of longing anticipation, No Man’s Sky is almost here. Revealed at the 2013 VGX awards, Hello Games’ ambitious space project has been at the forefront of industry talk since its debut. Hitting shelves early next week, we’re just a couple days away from players being able to zoom around a procedural generation universe in their custom spaceship. 

Considering the complicated review situation, (The No Man’s Sky Review Copy Debacle) I’ll be covering the game via a launch day PS4 digital copy. With no lead time, a review within the first days of release isn’t plausible. However, my coverage of the game doesn’t begin and end with a written review. As you can see below, No Man’s Sky will be dominating the site for the next week. Ranging from extensive let’s plays, to an in-depth review, to a brand new episode of The Whittle centered around the game; you can rest assured there certainly won’t be a shortage of content surrounding the title in the coming week. 

The wait is almost over.No Man's Sky | Coverage Breakdown (Braxton Haugen) PS4

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