“Out With The Old”

Greetings friends! Today marks a big step forward regarding the future of my work and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. As you’re likely aware, Patreon–a site built for creators to fund their work through the financial contributions of fans–is how I’ve attempted to fund this site for almost a year. When I made the decision to leave YouTube and website banner ads behind, I went out on a financial limb to continue creating what I love. Today, that motivation burns brighter than ever, and it’s with this inspiring, creative energy and enthusiasm that I’ve taken much of my Patreon page back to the drawing board. After a great deal of meticulous redesigns and behind the scenes adjustments, it’s my pleasure to officially reveal the 2017 edition of my Patreon. Below you’ll find an updated mission statement that will operate as the main touchstone for my work within the foreseeable future, in addition to revised, more affordable perks, new goals, and a set of ambitious, original projects coming to the site this year…

Enjoy & make sure to weigh in with your feedback!

Connect with me: Twitter – @BraxHaugen.

Patreon 2017 Edition: patreon.com/BraxtonHaugen