Greetings and salutations friend! It’s a pleasure and a honor to see you here. I’m Braxton Haugen and this is my Patreon. Creating critical and discussion-based content surrounding video games is my passion. Having personally hosted my website for over three years now, I’ve been bringing my enthusiastic perspective on video games to light in numerous forms. From my written reviews and feature discussions, to video web series and let’s plays, there isn’t a shortage of coverage to dig into. My goal as a content creator has always been to give viewers a personal, unbiased, and substantive perspective on the latest happenings within our favorite shared pastime. Patreon is a way to keep that vision a reality and that’s why we’re here right now.

Why Patreon?

For as long as has been around, its offered visitors an ad-free browsing experience not weighed down by invasive advertising. While great for users, that luxury came at a cost. I haven’t generated a single dime of profit while hosting the site. Fortunately, I’ve been able to self-fund every project. Paying for games, hardware, and purchasing the necessary equipment to produce high-quality content, adds up. Patreon is a way for me to not only to keep the lights on, but to expand and grow both the quality and volume of my work moving forward. I’ll be continuing to write and make videos, and thanks to a small amount financial backing from you, things will continue to run smoothly.

You may wonder where the revenue generated by your kind pledges will go, and to that I answer; directly back into itself. Your financial support will go towards funding both exciting new projects, as well as keeping the content your used to–such as extensive written reviews–alive and well. One of the many beauties about launching a Patreon is every piece of content from me will remain completely ad-free for all parties involved. That means every user will have a noninvasive visual experience when in comes to browsing both my website and YouTube channel. Applying to every facet of my content creation, my chief goal that drives everything I do is to provide insightful, balanced, and enjoyable content surrounding the wonderful hobby we all share. Below, you’ll find a brief breakdown regarding some of the work you can expect to see from me on a consistent basis. Wherever this venture may lead, no matter how big or small, you can bet I’m down for the ride.

Thank you for your generous continued support and hopefully, newfound patronage.

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– BraxtonPatreon - The Whittle (Braxton Haugen)When I began work on The Whittle, I set out to create a fully fledged web series fueled by looking deeper at the video game industry. The topical biweekly show is a dominate pillar of my content creation and will continue play a huge role in the nature of the site. In light of this exciting new endeavor, I’m thrilled to announce a second season of The Whittle is on its way later this summer. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect: - Reviews (Braxton Haugen)Crafting written reviews regarding the latest game releases, both big and small, is by far my favorite aspect of what I do. Expressing criticism and formulating perspectives with the written word is something I adore and will continue to avidly pursue as we embark on this new venture.Patreon - Let's Plays (Braxton Haugen)There’s no denying the popularity of let’s plays in the current landscape of gaming media. As someone who fails to understand the allure and entertainment value of traditional let’s play videos, I’ve set out to do something slightly different. The angle I’m taking with Braxton Plays leans more heavily toward critical and informative looks at the games I’m playing, rather than a comedy based routine. There will certainly still be fun and laughs, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the goal of Braxton Plays will be to strive toward interesting commentary.Patreon - Discussion & More (Braxton Haugen)What doesn’t fit under the umbrella of the various forms of content listed above, takes on a more spontaneous, unscheduled nature that falls under discussion. It’s in this section of my work where you will see my E3 coverage for instance. Whatever doesn’t necessarily align with that of my other projects, such as The Whittle or Braxton Plays, lives within the confines of discussion. Here, you’ll find written previews, site awards, as well as my video series, Braxton Bonuses. What’s great about this category is how flexible it can be, ensuring you’ll never know just exactly what’s in the works.


Pledge $1 or more per monthPatreon - A Show of Your Support (Braxton Haugen)Backing at this tier will grant you a bona fide thank you from the bottom of my heart. For even the smallest show of support will continue to keep content coming. Plus, you’ll have access to the private Patreon activity feed, where I’ll be doing my best to address your questions, comments, and concerns as frequently as possible.

Pledge $10 or more per monthPatreon - Patreon Producer (Braxton Haugen)Backing at this tier will net you the title of Patreon Producer. You’ll see your name in the credits of the videos created thanks to your funding. Plus, you’ll have access to the private Patreon activity feed, where I’ll be doing my best to address your questions, comments, and concerns as frequently as possible.


$25 or more per monthPatreon - New Written Series 1 (Braxton Haugen) New Written Series Taking A Critical Look At The Games Filling Up My Backlog

– Will begin development once hit.

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