“Hellos and Goodbyes.”

It’s been quite the crazy week for video games. Much awaited upcoming titles such as Just Cause 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight dropped trailers, both of which highlighted gameplay, while controversy swirled up around Konami, Warner Bros’ and Rocksteady. Below is a brief breakdown of what I found particularly interesting in the realm of gaming this week.

  • Kojima vs. Konami: What’s Going On?


Kojima and Konami can’t seem to stay out of the headlines, but arguably the most pertinent news came out this week with the confirmed cancellation of Silent Hills. While this didn’t come as a surprise to many, myself included, it’s still a huge disappointment. Last year’s PT, “playable teaser” for Silent Hills was cleverly horrifying and easily the most frighting gaming experience I’ve ever had. This week the PT was removed from PlayStation Network entirely, meaning if you haven’t installed the game prior to its removal, you’re out of luck if looking towards PT for a scare. Konami is clearly struggling, with controversy swarming around Kojima’s roll in the company. Together Kojima and Konami, in a lot of ways, have shaped the industry into what it is today, and as the domino’s continue to fall it’s becoming more apparent Konami needs Kojima on their side in order to stay afloat. With the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain just a few months away, Konami desperately needs a win. To be clear, Kojima is not the one in trouble here, in fact we as gamers surely haven’t seen the last of Kojima and his projects. Kojima is one of the industry’s pioneers and could easily write his ticket anywhere, as nearly every publisher would snatch him and his team up in a heartbeat. Konami is the one in trouble here, and unless they have something gigantic up their sleeve, which I doubt, the full-scale demise of their gaming division seems to inch closer to the end.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Controversy & New Gameplay Details


Batman: Arkham Knight is one of my most anticipated games of the year, but Warner Bros and Rocksteady’s recent announcement of a $40 season pass is pretty upsetting. As far as we know the season pass plans to deliver new content every month for 6 months, in the form of new story missions, more villains invading Gotham City, new Batmobiles, challenge maps, character skins, and new drivable race tracks. Now, I love Batman and will happily pay $60 when the game drops late June, but I struggle to see the value in a season pass from what we’ve been told. Season passes, for the most part, are excusable, with most settling in around the $20 price mark; it’s usually pretty simple to overlook their contents. Yet, with a hefty price tag already confirmed and not much promised outside the gate–aside from what I mentioned above–I can’t see an average gamer investing in this. Granted, we know very little, but revealing the season pass with vaguely described DLC carrying a cost two-thirds the price of a full, new game is ridiculous. Weather or not the story missions and additional content are enough to justify the costly investment is irrelevant. Season passes should never be announced with this caliber of presentation for slapping a fairly substantial price on poorly detailed content is only going to get consumers riled up. At the same time I understand why Warner Bros’ and Rocksteady are doing this. Withholding longevity in a product is essential, and promised DLC plans are sometimes enough to keep gamers from trading in the product after completing what’s on the desk. In no way, shape or form am I condoning what Warner Bros’ and Rocksteady have announced, but I do understand the business factors that could have forced the hand on this decision.

On a brighter note, in addition to players suiting up as the Caped Crusader in Arkham Knight, a new mechanic called Dual Play, revealed in the latest trailer, will supposedly allow players to switch between Batman and his allies during certain sections. If done correctly, this could be a powerful addition to one of the best combat-heavy games out there.

  • Just Cause 3 First Gameplay Trailer

We got our first good look at Avalanche’s upcoming open world mayhem simulator, Just Cause 3. The gameplay trailer highlights vehicular combat, jet-jacking, aerial stunts and a plentiful amount of explosions and crashes. Just Cause 3 is one of 2015’s titles I can’t wait to get my hands on and the trailer confirms that. Just Cause 3 is slated to drop during the Holiday season, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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