Konami Under Fire, Peter Dinklage Replaced in Destiny, Fallout 4 400+ Hours, New WoW Expansion – The Report

Konami Under Fire, Peter Dinklage Replaced in Destiny, Fallout 4 400+ Hours, New WoW Expansion – The Report

“Demons and Delivery”

Gamescom was this week and the news was aplenty. Though for this week’s Report, I’ve decided to bring to light, stories that may have been overlooked in the wake of all the conference’s exciting announcements. The controversy surrounding Konami worsened, Destiny replaced Peter Dinklage with Nolan North, Fallout 4 will take 400+ hours to explore, and the next WoW expansion has been revealed. Here’s the biggest news from outside Gamescom this week.

  • The Konami Controversy Continues

MGS5The situation over at Konami is a sad state of affairs, to say the least. The company has been under fire since controversy first flared up between them and Kojima all the way back in March. The situation has only grown more dire as the months have passed with various stirrings bringing it all back into the mainstream. The latest being an article from Japanese financial newspaper, Nikkei, in which it paints a grim picture of Konami and their workplace. The piece alleges Konami spent more than $80 million on the development of Metal Gear Solid V and the problems internally span much further than those visible to the public. Allegedly employees aren’t allowed to have their own email address; rather are given an email address that consists of random letters and numbers, which are subject to change every few months. Cameras are also apparently placed in various corridors to monitor employee’s movements, along with time cards to monitor how long lunch breaks last. Employees deemed “useless” are transferred to other tasks such as assembly work, guard duty, or even cleaning the company’s fitness clubs. The depressing list only goes on from there. Though the turn of events is extremely unfortunate, I have a feeling this isn’t the last time Konami will make headlines.

  • Destiny Drops Peter Dinklage for Nolan North

GhostGoodbye Dinklebot, you won’t be missed. Destiny’s most central-voiced character know, as Ghost, is undergoing the swapping of roles. The tiny, floating robot will no longer be voiced by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage, instead it’s being handed over to famous voice actor, Nolan North. North’s lines as Ghost won’t just be showing up in The Taken King, but will also replace those from the original game. Ghost has been notably absent from the last two expansions, but will take on a bigger role in September’s release of The Taken King. Dinklage’s original portrayal of the character was received poorly by many fans, yet it was somewhat hard to tell who was at fault. The writing and directing could certainly have contributed to the flat delivery of Dinklage’s lines, but regardless, Nolan North is a video game voice acting legend. The fact Bungie decided to replace Dinklage’s painfully, unenthusiastic lines with someone much more experienced in the realm of video game voice acting, isn’t a total surprise.

  • Fallout 4 Will Take 400+ Hours To Complete

Fallout4No one doubted Fallout 4 would be anything less than absolutely massive in size and scope. Rest assured you’re spot-on, as the game’s lead producer said he’s played the post-apocalyptic RPG for over 400 hours and still hasn’t seen everything it has to offer. Bethesda Game Studios has also confirmed the game won’t have a level cap in place. Players also won’t have to worry about having their game end when the main story concludes.

As Fallout 4 continues to gather momentum leading into it’s November launch, I’m becoming equally as anxious as I am excited to jump into the game. 2015 is no stranger to exorbitantly long games, as The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne have both stolen plenty of my time, but Fallout 4 has the potential to top them all.

  • Next WoW Expansion Revealed

WowBlizzard Entertainment finally announced the sixth expansion for World of Warcraft, titled Legion. The expansion bring players to a vast new continent named Broken Isles. Legion marks the first time in the series where the location will be playable, as it has only been previously referenced in past Warcraft games. The expansion will also raise the game’s level cap to 110 and introduce a brand new class. New dungeons and raids will also make their way into Legion, as well as new artifact weapons alongside an Honor System. The long-running MMO has recently undergone the biggest quarterly drop in the game’s history, now sitting at 5.6 million subscribers; down 1.5 million, from 7.1 million in March 2015. Legion will likely boost those numbers once again. With a beta on its way later this year, the expansion is likely looking at an early 2016 release window.

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