After over a month hiatus, The Whittle will return to an internet device near you.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait much longer, as the season two premiere drops August 1st. Committed to my vision of taking a closer look at the world of video games, The Whittle will continue to provide timely commentary and topical exploration. Set to rollout in a biweekly format–just as before–new episodes are scheduled to go live on Monday at 9 AM PST. In regards to where you can find the season as it gradually releases, both YouTube and the website will contain the latest episodes. As long as everything remains on schedule, we’re looking at another robust run of episodes rooted in analyzing the gaming industry and its latest efforts.

In other news, those backing at the “Patreon Producer” tier will see their name in the credits of each episode – provided having negotiated with me prior.

I can’t wait to get this season off the ground. See you in August!

The Whittle Sn 2 Poster 1 (Braxton Haugen) The Whittle Sn 2 Poster 3 (Braxton Haugen) The Whittle Sn 2 Poster 2 (Braxton Haugen) The Whittle Sn 2 Poster 4 (Braxton Haugen)


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