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About Me

Greetings and salutations! My name is Braxton Haugen. I’m a 17-year-old, independent creator, YouTuber, and aspiring entrepreneur living in Oregon.


Nothing makes me feel more alive than creating. The flow of creativity and catching new ideas fills me with an unrivaled zest for life. My dedication to the craft of writing, filming, podcasting, and more, makes the art life, the life I’m meant to lead.


The written word is where I found my home online and built the foundation everything stands on today. With years of writing reviews, features, news stories, and scripts under my belt, writing is still atop my favorite aspects of being a creator.


Completing high school is my main focus as a student. Looking forward, however, I’m eager to take my aspirations for the field of journalism or filmmaking to the next level, or perhaps a combination of the two, in a serious college setting.


My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to pour countless hours into building my personal brand, inspiring loyalty along the way. I’ve juggled a myriad of freelance gigs producing videos and writing, gaining experience to deploy into my own work.


From the inception of an idea to hitting export, video production has always been a character defining passion of mine. Telling stories through the medium of video gets me out of bed in the morning. Whether behind the camera or in front of it, constructing a story, an analysis, or a critique, keeps the fire of my ambition burning strong. My pedigree of high-quality projects occupies multiple genres, from video essays to my acclaimed web series about the gaming industry.


BS W/ Braxton takes a deep dive into the world of video games, bringing listeners the news stories they need to know about and my thoughts on the biggest new releases.


Written and directed by myself, Polite Society is an upcoming fictional series exploring an experimental side of my artistic vision.


The Digital Mixtape is a collection of curated music by yours truly. Tapes pull from records that resonate with me, offering listeners a personal audio experience.


When beginning this new chapter, I wanted to ensure my older works were preserved. The Vault is my solution, housing past reviews, features, and more.



Patreon is the platform that helps fund my efforts behind the mic, camera, and keyboard. Your support on Patreon ensures I can keep the lights on. It's no secret that paying for games, hardware, and equipment necessary to produce high-quality content, quickly adds up. Patreon is a way for me not only to remain afloat, but to expand the volume and reach of my work.


Ever wonder what gear I use when creating my projects? Look no further than my Kit, a curated collection of the products and software I use to turn my dreams into reality. From YouTube videos to podcasts, to everything in between, Kit bundles the gear I use on a daily basis into a convenient one-stop shop alongside an inspiring community of passionate creators.